Converting to a new software, however much potential it may have, can be challenging.

To assist with your transition, AWEbase® provides extensive Documentation and training videos (found on our Resources page). If you need assistance with training to get your team up to speed with using AWEbase®, we can help. We can also consult with you for how to set up AWEbase to benefit your business, or assist with special customization or integration needs to fit your organization.

AWEbase® is available to provide the following services upon request:


An AWEbase® representative can provide you and your selected team-members with remote video training as well as answer questions about operating the various aspects of the software.


If you need assistance with how to best set up AWEbase® for your business, or need help integrating elements such as SAML or accessing API’s (individual modules required for each) an AWEbase® integration expert can help.

Integration and Customization

Does your business have a unique integration or feature requirement? Our engineers can add custom features per your specifications. Note however, that we only accept customization work that is directionally in line with our software roadmap, or has particular overall value.

If you’re interested in any of the above services, don’t hesitate to contact us via either your assigned sales rep, our chat service, or by using our online contact form.

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