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FAQ About Awebase for Contractors2020-11-01T17:46:10-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions
by Contractors

How do I track a Job?2020-11-04T16:13:14-05:00

On the Jobs page, you can check the status of your current and past Jobs and review their contracts.

  • When you click on the name of a Job, you can view and reference its contract.
  • When your client has approved all your Deliverable files for a job, the status of that Job changes from “In Progress” to “Ready for Payment.”
  • When your client closes a Job, its status changes to “Closed.”
How am I connected to my clients on AWEbase?2020-11-04T16:14:23-05:00

AWEbase serves to connect contractors (such as yourself) with organizations (such as your clients). Just as you have your account, which you can use to maintain your portfolios and contact information, each organization has its own account. Organizations may have multiple staff members, so it’s possible that you’ll work with multiple people from the same organization over time.

By default, organizations can’t communicate with you through AWEbase other than to invite you to connect with them. They can’t see your portfolio or contact information. They can’t even tell if you’re already on AWEbase or not.

Once you accept their invitation, you are connected to that organization. They can now see your profile and portfolio, and can send you Solicitations and Jobs.

You can be connected to any number of organizations.

How do I learn more about using the Contractor Portal2020-10-08T11:21:18-05:00

Our documentation provides helpful instructions and examples on how to use the various functions in the contractor portal. You can find the documentation here.

Will everyone using AWEbase® know that I have an AWEbase Contractor Portal account?2020-10-08T11:17:14-05:00

No. All AWEbase® clients must invite you to AWEbase from their account, and are not be connected to you before you chose to accept their invitation in your Contractor Portal. Your AWEbase information will not be available to any AWEbase® client prior to that acceptance.

Do I need a new AWEbase® Contractor Portal account for each AWEbase® client that I work with?2020-10-08T11:17:25-05:00

You can manage all your AWEbase® clients using a single account to the Contractor Portal, provided that you use the same email address for everyone.

How am I notified of potential job opportunities?2020-10-08T11:18:14-05:00

AWEbase® will email you, and (if you already have an AWEbase® account) notify you within the application when 1) an AWEbase® client adds you to a JobOpp or 2) sends you a job offer directly.

Does AWEbase® handle payments to me?2020-10-08T11:20:22-05:00

No, AWEbase® does not facilitate or guarantee transactions between parties. Any and all financial considerations of a job made in AWEbase® is exclusively between you and your client.

Does AWEbase charge a fee or commission on the contract between my client and myself?2020-11-04T16:15:20-05:00

No. Our fee is fully encapsulated in the user and module subscription paid for by AWEbase® clients (i.e. organizations using AWEbase® to manage their contract work). We do not get between your and your client’s financial arrangements.

Can AWEbase® clients discover my services via the software?2020-10-08T11:22:05-05:00

Not at this time. We may, in the future, create an contractor opt-in feature to allow AWEbase® clients to discover the talents and portfolios of AWEbase® contractors.

Is there a cost for me to join the AWEbase® Contractor Portal as a freelance contractor?2020-10-08T11:22:19-05:00


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