AWEbase, Inc. is a new software venture incubated and funded by Strange Stars, LLC, led by Christian T. Petersen (founder and long-serving former CEO of Fantasy Flight Games).

AWEbase is passionate about designing cost-effective, empowering, and productivity-enhancing tools for the creative enterprise.

Our first product: the AWEbase Contractor module, will launch in mid-2020. If you are interested in more information or taking part in our closed beta, please do not hesitate to email us at


AWEbase is a cloud-based online toolset built for the creative enterprise, especially publishers, toy makers, software creators, and related businesses.

The AWEbase Contractor module streamlines and simplifies the often complex and cumbersome process of procuring, reviewing, and finalizing payment for the work of freelance talent.

AWEbase is aimed specifically at enterprise customers who outsource the creation of digital assets such as illustration, writing, editing, photography, music, voice talent, software programming, animation, video editing, 3D models, graphic design, and more.

Our software’s name distills these elements into an acronym:

Artists, Writers, Editors Database

Our software’s name distills these elements into an acronym:
Artists, Writers, Editors Database

(Mockup of Review Interface Markup screen – design not final)

This end-to-end solution smoothly handles the following steps in the enterprise workflow, and more:

  • Staff assignment, budget enforcement, work solicitations;
  • Deliverables detail and deadlines;
  • Contracting, signature permissions, and e-signatures;
  • Review interface support for:
    • On-image commentary, drawing, and notation;
    • Multiple media categories;
    • Work-in-progress versioning;
    • Contextual message communication between freelance contractor and in-house coordinator;
  • Final approval and issuance of payment details to your internal accounting team.

AWEbase and the ‘AWE’ Pencil Logo are trademarks of AWEbase, Inc. All rights reserved.